Food & Beverage

At Ramada Ajman it's all about fresh, seasonal, good quality food served. Tantalise your taste buds with the fantastic food and beverages at our incredible restaurants... On offer is a vibrant and varied mix of international flavours & creative culinary options to choose from!

Simply Fresh N cool….

Slices of tropical fruits and scoops of delicious vanilla ice cream is a perfect solution to this stodgy feeling of summer. Light, fresh and packed with refreshing goodness, it's just the thing to perk up tired summer taste buds.

Timeless Flavours…

A divine aroma announces the arrival of this delicacy, prepared from basmati rice and chicken, seasoned with exotic spices. It’s ancient in origin yet timeless in its taste.

It's the time to savour the Ramadan experience!

Gather with family & friends over Ifthar in this holy month of Ramadan! Share the ceremonial breaking of fast every evening at Ramada Ajman. Enjoy Iftar with signature Arabian dishes or international dishes from around the world including soft drinks & paired juices just for AED 99 per person.

Black Forest Ice Cream

Nothing better than Ice cream & Cake to beat off the summer blues! Bringing to life old German cake recipes is a unique combination of delectable Cherry Gateau & super creamy ice cream. Ramada Ajman special offer on Black Forest Cake Ice cream that leaves you drooling…

Beef Lasagne par excellence

Hungry? Check out the ultimate delicious Beef Lasagne that makes you want more!,Made with Beef, fresh Pasta,Italian Mozzarella and laced with fresh seasonings.Pretty traditional but extremely delectable! Certainly worth giving a try…